I’m Tom Neumann, a Vienna based Frontend, UX and Graphic Designer.

In my job I help people achieving their goals through design and it's frontend implementation.

Simply put: I love shiny interfaces ☀️


I made my first website in 1999, and did some freelance work but it took some time daring to work as a professional Web/Frontend/UX Designer (you name it).
This means since 2008 I'm fully into the web business and I'm still having very much fun and exitement being in this field of labour.
My focus is on creating usable, accessible, performant and nice looking interfaces 🚀

When I'm not making things pretty and usable, I enjoy being with my daughter, love nature by gardening, hiking and biking, I love taking landscape photos (seldomly published @deviantart), still draw sometimes (I used to draw a lot as a teenager), occasionally play drums with the unknown lovers (of britney spears), made electronic music in the past and read good books.

I'm currently employed @ think-modular but sometimes I'm open to freelance opportunities. I am pleased to hear from you 😊

Download CV (DE) Download CV (EN)


A small selection of things I did in the last years.

Brandstätter Screenshot

Brandstätter Verlag

This was one of my favourite works at cyledge, where I did some research und interviews regarding book publishers, their needs and conceptions.
In the end, I did the whole process of designing and implementing a Drupal 7 theme.


  • UX & Frontend Design
  • Drupal 7 Theme

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Configurator Database Screenshot

Configurator Database

The Configurator Database is an online compendium collecting all sorts of online configurators. I did the site setup and made the full design implementation ergo Drupal 8 Theme.


  • HTML/CSS/JS Prototype
  • Drupal 8 Theme
  • Testing

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Seedcamp Screenshot


The Seedcamp is an open place mainly crowded in the summer time which has it's own festival. I'm responsible for it's website as a one man show since 2002.


  • Design
  • HTML/CSS/JS Prototype
  • Complete Drupal 8 Site Implementation

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Viennale Screenshot


The Viennale is a world-known Filmfestival, for which I was doing most of the frontend design stuff in the last years.


  • Frontend Design
  • Durpal 7 Theme

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Haring Group Screenshot

Haring Group

The Haring Group is a Vienna based real estate provider, who not only wanted a new website for presenting their /assets, but also a backoffice system for their houses. I did the most part of the design and theme-implementation in Drupal 7.


  • Design & Frontend Design
  • Drupal 7 Theme

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